3 Ways To Overcome Fear (A.C.T.)

Updated: Jan 14, 2019

From this day on, the word f@*r is considered a curse word.

F@*r can cripple you and cause you to miss out on the life that you were designed to live. STOP F@*R DEAD IN IT’S TRACKS with this simple three-step process. All you have to do is have FAITH& A.C.T.

1. Acknowledge your f@*r(s). Take a deep breath and call out or write down the f@*r. After you identify it, say or write down the reasons why you have the particular f@*r(s). You have to acknowledge the f@*r to overcome it. You shouldn’t be doing this on a daily basis. The point of this exercise is to identify your f@*rs, address them and move forward. If you need too, throw the list in the trash or burn list.

2. Create a plan. Now its time to overcome…write down ways that you can overcome the f@*r(s). If it’s the f@*r of selling, create a sales plan, make 2 to 5 calls a day, attend networking events, be an event vendor, etc.  If it’s the f@*r of public speaking, maybe its simply saying hello to every person you meet, joining a toast masters group, speaking at a local non-profit agency, reading to children at a local elementary school, etc. You get the point! For more specific/ strategic ideas, contact me. I also encourage you to establish S.M.A.R.T. Goals (Specific…Measurable…Attainable…Relevant…Time-Based) during this process and identify resources in/ outside your network to help you. Make a list of phone numbers and emails of the people/ organizations that can help. Add Kisha L. Allen to that list. I am here whenever you need me. Also in some instances counseling/ coaching may be needed to overcome your f@*r(s) and reach your goals.

3. Take Action…Like Nike Says, Just Do It! Finally, the last and most important step. Have FAITH…TAKE ACTION…MOVE and IMPLEMENT the plan! No more excuses! I know a number of people who are paralyzed by f@*r. They have dreams and goals and the only thing standing in between them and the success they deserve is f@*r. Everyday that you wake up, you should be ready to do a minimum of one thing from your list. Do one thing everyday to move you closer to your dreams/ goals. And at the end of each day or the week, you should identify your successes and reward yourself for big wins. I also encourage you to periodically take a moment to review your efforts to see if there are any areas for improvement.

Kick f@*r in the face with FAITH!

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