RELEASE DATE: 04.25.21


Book Titles:The Code of Discipline


Subtitle: Foundational Principles for Building Kingdom Leaders


Author: Kisha L. Allen


Book Size: 6X9


Number of Pages:150


Book Description:


Now more than ever, many believers are living beneath their kingdom potential, stuck in poverty and struggling to access provision. This shouldn’t be the case for kingdom citizens as our Father, God is the creator of everything. This is why the Code of Discipline exists, to help you achieve success and live with greater productivity in every area of your life – spiritual, professional and personal.


As you read this book, you will gain a deeper understanding of the dynamics of discipline and how to cultivate them, so that you can manifest the predestined promises of God in your life, ultimately positioning you to live with purpose and fulfillment. This book will expose the areas where dysfunctional discipline exists and reprogram the conditioning of your soul to bring it into agreement with your spirit. When this happens, become more disciplined and you’ll cultivate habits that produce kingdom outcomes. You will also stop making excuses and procrastinating. It’s time for you to fully embrace your kingdom potential; to do this, you must have discipline. Understand that you were created to live with power, love and self-discipline.

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