Attract, Recruit, Engage and Retain Customers


During these sessions, we will develop strategies to address your customer attraction, recruitment, engagement and retention issues. We will utilize systems, events and processes that you already have to do this. With me, there is no reinventing the wheel. We use what you have and enhance it.


Contact me today to book your free 30 minute consultation. It's free via phone, Skype or Google Hangout. No pressure, no bogus sales tactics. My only goal is to help you use what you have to achieve success and simplify your business, life and relationships. HERE YOU ONLY GET WHAT YOU NEED...NO GIMMICKS OR EXTRANESS! 


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Sales, Marketing Relationship Building & Personal Development Topics


  • Vision Planning & Goal Setting

  • Maximize Your Events, Exhibits/ Booths & Sponsorships to Attract, Recruit, Engage and Retain Customers 0r Creating a Vendor/ Exhibitor Booth Experiences that Attract, Recruit, Engage And Retain Customers

  • Purpose Branding (Personal Branding )

  • Sales Without All the EXTRANESS

  • Strategic Networking That Gets Results (In Person & Online)

  • Strategically Leveraging Your Existing Network to Grow Your Business

  • Use What You Have to Get Where & What You Want   

   ***Includes an MP3 recording of the training, so that your employees can replay as needed.



It's time to take control of your life...to create the life that you want. The Live In Your Zone Program will help you do just that. Personal, Professional, Emotional and Spiritual Development are critical if you want to live an exceptional life. During this program, well get right to the point. Let me help you take your life to the next level and hold you accountable to becoming who you were created to be. Stop living in default, leave that mediocre version of you in the past.


• The Mindset Shift: Re-Programming Your Subconscious Mind

• Purpose Branding for Individuals (What Is My Purpose And How Will I Fulfill It?) - Includes a    

  DiSC Personality Assessment and Spiritual Gifts Test(Optional)

• Life Is A Production: Write the Vision & Make I Plain (Begin with the End in Mind)

• I Have Time, but Where Is It Going? (Time Management) 

• Setting SMART Goals to Make My Dreams a Reality

• Fearless FAITH (3 Steps to Overcoming Fear)

• I Am Creative (Nurturing the Creator Within)


Write the Vision, Make It Plain Fast Track Guide $2.14

This guide contains everything you need to create and write the vision for your life, to establish S.M.A.R.T. goals and create an action plan in which to make your vision/ goals a reality.

Kisha is on top of her game, which allows her to help you get on top of yours. She is a no-time-waster. She sees the potential in us as business entrepreneurs, and plants the right seeds to allow that growth where needed. Kisha is an amazing accountability partner who will hold you to your goals/dreams until you reach them. If you haven't had a chance to hear her speak, I advise that you follow her and attend any and all events that she will be at. She has a mind-set that we all wish for.


~ Jami Bryant, Founder/CMO at Fit & Prosperous

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